Privacy Notice 
When you make a report to us (or do so on someone’s behalf)  Darlington College will receive and deal with the personal data [yours and, where applicable, that of whoever made the report for you] that is provided when the report is made. There may be circumstances where there is a need to share some information to ensure safety or to fulfil the college’s duty of care under safeguarding.
The personal data you provide could include your name, contact details, details of what is concerning you as well as potentially ‘special category' personal data about any disability, your sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or health. 
 We collect and deal with your personal data to make a record of your report, to investigate what is concerning you, to communicate with you and to take steps to address and resolve your concerns. We also process your personal data so as to offer you appropriate support, to analyse reporting trends so as to improve service and to ensure the wellbeing of the college community.  
We process your personal data either with your consent or, in the case of special category data, your explicit consent. By making a report you provide explicit consent. Please note that where you provide consent you have the right to withdraw the same. 
Any personal data provided in a report may be shared with appropriate members of staff within the college.  We may share your personal data with external agencies such as the Police, however we will only do so where you agree for us to do so. Any sharing is on a strict ‘need to know’ basis. 
Your personal data will generally be retained for up to 6 years after the issue that led to a report being made has been resolved.   We will only ever retain your personal data where we have a justifiable need to do so.  
Please be aware that if you disclose on an anonymous basis, the college is not able to commit to taking any formal action. However, Darlington College will review and keep an anonymised record of your report to identify whether there is a pattern of behaviour or trends which should be addressed. In order for us to be able to assist you fully we encourage you to provide us with your personal details. 
Darlington College is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. Please read the college privacy policy for students  for detailed information relating to your rights and how the college processes your personal data. Any concerns you have about the way your personal data has been processed should be directed to  

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